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Professional Use Automotive Additives

The SelTecĀ® program offers the customer choices as to how they want to maintain their vehicle.  Every customer should have the option of doing standard maintenance mandated by the OEM or premium maintenance.  Standard maintenance is the minimum acceptable quality of fluids set at intervals that reflect the very least required in order to maintain warranty.  Like anything else, "premium" maintenance has additional benefits and value; consequently it is a bit more expensive. It simply means using better quality fluids, cleaning deposits, and performing fluid maintenance services earlier, rather than pushing service intervals to the extreme.

With the unprecedented high cost of today's new vehicles, we are finding that most customers (80%) are interested in protecting their investment with better maintenance, when they understand the benefits.  There are immediate benefits in some cases, and definite long-term benefits in all cases where premium maintenance procedures are followed. 

Better maintenance ensures longer life, optimum performance --- BETTER FUEL ECONOMY --- reduced repair costs. 

For example; a vehicle that has had the oil changed at the maximum service interval or beyond, uses long-life coolant up to 160,000 miles, pushes the transmission fluid to the limit in spite of driving habits and weather conditions, and has not maintained the fuel system with regular cleaning, will likely cost the customer more over the life of the vehicle in down-time, repairs and poor fuel economy.

Consumers need to be educated on the value of better maintenance!

"Better maintenance ensures better performance, reduced repair costs, better fuel economy, and longer life."

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