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SelTec®  Sludge Buster Service
Part:  SelTec® Engine Flush #505
Recommended Service Interval:  once a year or 12,000 miles or whenever a customer exceeds the oil change interval.
Benefits:  cleans deposits prior to changing oil - frees stuck piston rings - improves compression - helps reduce lifter noise - reduces emissions.
Directions:  add SelTec® Engine Flush #505 to existing engine oil, run engine at high idle for 10 to 15 minutes - drain oil and refill with new oil.

Caution:  effectively removes oil deposits - some older high mileage vehicles may be held together with deposits, therefore, this service may reveal things that need to be fixed.

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Is there risk in engine flushing?
Do not use any product that does not allow you to increase the idle while running on it.  Products like this typically contain harsh solvents such as ammonia or varsol, which tend to dry out and damage seals, increase the temperature of the oil to dangerous levels, and do not suspend deposits into solution so that they can be evacuated through the drain plug.  Harsh solvent-based products are not safe under any circumstances.  SelTec® Engine Flush does not contain harsh solvents and allows the engine to be run at high idle.
It will effectively remove and suspend deposits for evacuation through the drain plug.  The only risks using this product are the same inherent risks whenever you remove deposits from older high-mileage vehicles.  The risk is that you may reveal things that need to be fixed, that previously may have been held together by deposits.  If this service is performed as Premium Fluid Maintenance from when the vehicle is new, at the recommended intervals, then there are no inherent risks and you may perform this service for the life of the vehicle.

Is it necessary to use equipment for engine flushing?
The equipment currently available for engine flushing attaches at the drain plug and oil filter.  You drain all of the old engine oil prior to hooking up the equipment.  The machine then flushes a mineral based solution throughout the engine at 42 psi. (same psi. as running oil pressure) passing through filters in the machine that go down as small as 2 micron.  The solution is run through the engine for 10 to 20 minutes, then drained and hot air is blown into the engine to dry it out and ensure that all the cleaning solution is evacuated.  In order to keep the service economically viable, the cleaning solution is changed every 40 vehicles and 2 of the 4 filters every 20.  The problem with this service is that if you happen to be the 40th customer, you are getting acids, sludge, and contaminants from 39 other vehicles flushed through your engine.  The other problem is from blowing out the engine to remove the cleaning solution.  This creates the potential for damage to engine components from dry-start, since all the oil has been removed, including the thin layer of oil that must always remain to protect the engine.  A thin layer of oil is used even in engine rebuilding and assembly as a pre-lube - it is not advisable to dry an engine out, especially as it ages.  General Motors has issued a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin #02-06-01-028), on this recently, citing this method of engine flushing with equipment.  In the bulletin GM is saying that this method can damage components therefore, GM warranty will not cover damage caused from this.


SelTec® does not encourage the use of engine flush equipment and it is not used for our Engine Flush service.  The SelTec® Engine Flush is added to the existing engine oil and run through the engine using the engines own 42 psi. oil pressure.  It moves throughout the oil galleries and crankcase along with the oil.  The SelTec® Engine Flush is safe because you have not removed the engine oil - the engine is protected by its own existing oil and we have not introduced any foreign contaminants.  We have merely increased detergency to effectively clean deposits.  The key to the success of the SelTec® product is that it is safe and it suspends the solids in solution to be evacuated through the drain plug.


"Better maintenance ensures better performance, reduced repair costs, better fuel economy, and longer life."

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